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Liberation Prolonged Lives


Liberation Prolonged Lives

Liberation Prolonged Lives

During the Qing Dynasty, in the year of Tao-guang, there as an officer by the name of Tu Qin-wu. Before he was appointed as an officer, he was once seriously sick. To aggravate the situation, the doctor gave him the wrong prescription and as a result, his life was in grave danger. On his sick bed, he repented on his evil karma and vowed to benefit people and the world. He showed no concern towards other worldly affairs.

One night, he dreamt of Guan Shi Yin Pu Sa. The Bodhisattva told him: “In one of the past lives, you were an officer in the state of Chu. You were very just but at the same time you were overly strict. You were not humane enough. Though you were impartial, your rank and wealth would nevertheless be reduced. Besides, you often killed animals and that was why you will not live long. Fortunately, you have brought forth a firm resolve during the period while you were sick. In every thought, you are thinking of benefiting others. You do not grumble nor complain. So according to the rules of the Dark Realm, you can prolong your life by liberating animals. Your blessings and wealth will be increased too.”

When he woke up, he realized that he had just experienced a revelation. Henceforth, his family refrained from killing and often liberated living beings. In winter, he was appointed by the Imperial Academy to be the Tai-shou of Jiu-jiang in the state of Yuan. He was granted special favors by the Imperial Court. He finally recovered completely form his sickness by next winter.


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